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My plan to develop my new VR game DriveBy

Some of you might have heard that I have been planning and developing a new multiplayer VR shooter called DriveBy.

Instead of just repeating the same VR shooter formula, I have decided to add vehicles to the mix to amp up the action scene possibilities and creativity of the players.

Since I have already developed an indie game on my own, I know what it takes to finish and release a game for players. Since then I have become an expert at game software development and now make a living from freelance contracts I find online.

In order to develop DriveBy in full, I will need to quit my freelancing contracts and instead dedicate months to a project that isn't generating any revenue.

This is a horrible plan.

Knowing that I would be miserable taking this approach, I have instead opted to outsource this project to an experienced VR development agency.

This will allow me to continue doing my freelancing while working part time as DriveBy's Creative Director.

The quality of the game will be a lot better, development will be a lot more enjoyable and I will be able to continue working my day job.

For other indie developers like myself, you may be facing similar issues. Time is a factor. Energy is a factor. Inspiration and motivation is a factor. Product quality is also a factor.

Although hand crafting games is my greatest passion, it is downright impossible to compete with multidimensional game studios who are all trying to make the next big hit.

What are your thoughts on this approach? Do you have any experience with working with outsourcing agencies?

Let us hear about it.

Guri Waraich

Game Developer

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