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Drive By in Mexico During Covid-19

During last year’s spring, the lockdown swept across the globe and shutdown thousands of businesses. At the time I was working on Upwork as a freelancer with some American clients. I am Canadian so this was a very lucrative business for me.

When the lockdown hit, my clients decided to play it safe and all my contracts were cancelled. I figured that things would be slow online for a while and decided to take a trip.

I left my Toronto apartment and took a plane to Mexico to do some travelling and take a break from work.

After landing in Mexico City, I rented a car and an apartment. Mexico City was also under a lockdown so there wasn’t much clubs or bars to visit. Instead I was pushed to be alone and conquer the city on my own.

Mexico City is bordered by many mountains and volcanoes. The 3 tallest mountains of Mexico are Popocatepetl, Iztaccíhuatl and Pico de Orizaba. Two of them were within 2 hours of Mexico City, while Pico (the tallest mountain in Mexico) was the farthest.

I decided to hop in my rented Seat SUV and make it to the top of all three of them.

Pico de Orizaba was more than 12 hours there and back, so I decided to make a pitstop on the way in Puebla City, which is famous for its architecture in the city square. I stopped in Puebla to take a break and prepare for the trek up the mountain the next day.

The 12 hour drive from Puebla to Pico de Orizaba and back to Mexico City was my favorite part of the trip. Full of great moments like this!

After a few weeks travelling around and hanging out (OD) in Mexico City, I took a plane to Cancun and stayed on a resort on the beach. Although the resort was very fancy and the amenities were great, I definitely think nothing beats making your own adventure and living it.

I look forward to travel opening up again so I can hit up my next destination.

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