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Guri's Game Development Dev Log 01 - Drive By

A few weeks ago I started working on my new indie title that I will be released for free. The game is set to be an online competitive shooter with vehicles. Players will duke it out Blood Gulch style and battle to get the most kills.

Between learning Unity, working game development jobs and freelancing, I have had little time to develop indie titles. This will be my second indie release after, Gritty Bit, which was released in 2017 onto Steam for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. Since my end goal is to build my own games and make a living off of them I find that there is no better time to grow my indie career.

As I mentioned earlier this game will be being released for free. Besides gaming, I have an incredible passion for entrepreneurship. This game will help me learn how to build a community of gamers ready to play my game, as well as keep that community alive.

My next project will pick up where I left off and improve on whatever I learn.

On to Drive By.

My plan is to make 2 games, a third person shooter and a VR game. The third person shooter will help me build the systems of the game quickly but my true passion is with innovative and genre pushing technology like VR.

The new thing you will find here is VR vehicular combat in an online multiplayer setting, similar to Halo's in VR. If you want to read more on vehicles in VR, check out my blog post on how trans-formative vehicles can be in VR.

Also, check out this gameplay from LA Noire.

I have some images ready for you guys, but those will have to wait until I have a level built out.

I am debating on whether to have two releases for my game. One VR and one non-VR. I also wonder what you guys think of prototyping a VR game in third person. I have already built out a VR game so I know the technical details of actually getting the game to work well in VR, but I felt the less I had to take on and take off the Quest, the better. Maybe I should do a 2D FPS instead of a third person view?

Also, how do you guys feel about a cross platform multiplayer experience? As in, flat screen gamers competing with VR gamers?

Guri Waraich

Professional Game Developer

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