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Top 10 Best Cities for Game Developers

On the hunt for your next big opportunity in game development? Finding the right city and the right studio to work in is a dream come true for all game developers. At a time when the pandemic has hit the world hard, the game development industry seems to have transcended in numbers.

Thanks to technology, this industry is witnessing a huge number of talents who are yet to create some of the most unique games that the world is about to see. Even though game development has a global market in the broader sense, yet some cities are currently trending on the list for providing the best opportunities, studios and remuneration altogether.

Here are the top cities you need to know that are best suited for game developers:

1. London

The city for some of the most 108 renowned gaming studios and a hotspot of gaming developers, London is the quintessential place for all things exquisite. Right from opportunities, accommodation, living expenses and an average salary of $77,496, this city has a lot to offer for gaming wizards.

2. San Francisco

A major commercial and financial centre in Northern California, San Francisco is a major destination for game development. Some of the world’s most famous international gaming studios are headquartered here. Some of them are Niantic, Skillz, Pocket Gems and App Lovin. With the perfect work-life balance, the average salary here is $122,937.

3. Tokyo

Tokyo is a great place if you are willing to make a career in game development. Some famous studios include Nintendo Co. Ltd. and Square Enix. As Tokyo is known to be the inception point for some of the world’s best games, this city should be on your list. The average salary of a game developer here is $118,125.

4. Paris

A center of art, culture and innovations, the city of Paris has always been a renowned destination for game development. An estimated 85 gaming studios are currently operating in the city. Some of these include Amplitude Studios, Akama, Black Sheep Studio and Spiders. The average salary being $71,560, this city is a prime destination for game developers.

5. Austin

A city that is known for its stellar infrastructure and for being a hub of opportunities, Austin is one of the best cities for game developers. From over 70+ studios, the city is home to game developers from all across the globe. In terms of remuneration, the average salary is around $105,600. So, if you are willing to relocate for some great opportunities in game development then Austin is the place to be.

6. Los Angeles

Home to over 69 studios, Los Angeles is a great destination for game development. Apart from offering the best of city life and employment opportunities, the city is known for being one of the hotspots of the gaming business. With the average salary being $60,378 for game developers, you can count yourself lucky if you find a placement with companies like Playstation, Mythical Games and Wave.

7. Seattle

Another important city of the United States, Seattle hosts around 67 gaming studios. A place known to be one of the booming centres of game development, it has been the origin of some famous games known worldwide. Some established studios include The Pokemon Company, Sucker punch Studios and Valve Corporation. The average salary for game developers here is $111,056.

8. Montreal

A city known for hosting some of the most luxurious events and shows in the world, Montreal is the fifth-best city to be if you are an aspiring game developer. Known for its diverse culture and idyllic landscape, the famous game development studios here are Ubisoft Montréal, Gameloft Canada and Frima Studio. Apart from these, there is an estimated total of over 55 gaming studios here. An average salary of $71,337 is prevalent for game developers.

9. Vancouver

A vibrant city in British Columbia, Vancouver is a much talked about city offering employment opportunities for game developers. Apart from full-time roles, you can also bag some exciting opportunities as a freelancer here. Some famous studios here are Capcom Game Studio, Black Tusk Studios and Relic entertainment. The average salary here is $65,000.

10. Toronto

With over 38 studios, Toronto is also a major hotspot for gaming studios and related opportunities. The famous gaming studios here are Get Set Games, Inc, Longbow Games, Spookysquid, Ubisoft and Tiny Hearts. The average salary here for game developers is $134,550.

If you are willing to make it big in this industry, then the above-mentioned cities are worth a try. Apart from some of the world’s best studios, these are great places for living and offer some of the best remuneration packages in the world.

Looking for a game developer to work on your game project? Guri Waraich is a game development expert, with over 6 years of experience using the Unity Engine (PC, Mobile, VR/AR). Contact him through the Freelancing tab or send him an email at

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