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My Failed Attempt At Running A Playtest For My New Title

After deciding to finally delve into developing a multiplayer game meant for consumers, I fished out one of my prototypes I made for a client. I decided to use this prototype to get some feedback from players on my competitive shooter game design.

Early tests with friends and family proved that the game had some flaws but overall it was a good time to play a game or two. I was addicted. I wanted to have more players playtest the game and get another rush of adulation.

I started looking through my followers list on LinkedIn and even wrote a blog found here.

After getting around 15 positive responses from the city I live in, I set a time for a playtest.

When the time finally came for everyone to show up, I messaged them the link to the game.

Apparently people got busy as few responded to my message. All the responses said they were too busy to play and apologized.

Rookie mistake? Maybe.

The lesson to take away from this is that if you want your game tested properly with no hiccups, you will need to hire professional game testers off the internet.

My entitlement to free testers wasted my time and caused a let down to happen.

When my new game is created and I am ready for testers, I will be hiring professional testers, something I could not afford when I had released Gritty Bit a few years back.

I guess it's back to studying for the TopTal test and playing Doom for now, but there's always next time ;).

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