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Importance of Fitness For Game Developers

Since I started making games professionally about half a decade ago I have been exercising on and off depending on my weight gain.

My workouts usually include jogging and weight lifting, but the benefits of jogging definently trumps everything else.

When you hear of the most successful people in the world, you may also hear about how their health is as important to them as financial success. Let me explain why they are actually one in the same and it is difficult to have one without the other.

Creating, marketing, failing and creating again all require tons of stress management. The buildup of stress often causes developers and large CEOs alike to make horrible mistakes with disastrous consequences. Daily workouts allow achievers to manage their stress levels throughout their busy day and make decisions with a clear mind.

In my opinion, the quickest path to wisdom is through discipline. Discipline with your body especially. If you can train your body to withstand pain and pressure, the mind will follow.

Your trials of the day will pale in comparison to pushing yourself to run an extra minute and you will soar through your day. On the opposite end, obesity and bad health habits will clog up your system and cause you to implode with negative emotions that will impede your learning and development progress.

My favourite new activity is boxing. I was never an athletic guy growing up but I definitely think that boxing or some kind of martial arts training is something all young men should try out.

Experience the opposite of being on your computer in isolation. Put yourself in danger. See what it's actually like to be the badass demon slayer. I definitely think you will experience a side of yourself you didnt know existed.

Until next time.

Guri Waraich

Game Developer

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